Ravenheart International Film Festival will be held at the renowned Cinemateket at Filmens Hus in Oslo, Norway. Here at RIFF, we aim to connect all filmmakers, domestic and foreign, through film's universal language. Celebrating all styles of cinema but particularly spotlighting genre films. RIFF is an event where all filmmakers, fans of the art of cinema, and all creatives can come together to share their experiences and love for cinema.

At Ravenheart, submissions are open to all types of genre films. We are looking to showcase the best in horror, sci-fi/fantasy, thrillers/suspense, etc. Guest speakers, Q&As, booths, and great networking opportunities will all be held at the event. We also invite local aspiring filmmakers/students to inspire one another into becoming better filmmakers.

So, if you love high-quality genre films and to be submerged into a cinematic experience, then you can't miss this festival!

Thank you for your interest in our 4th ANNUAL live event that will take place on August 25th-28th in Oslo, Norway, 2022.