There will be a stuffed monkey weighing a specific weight along with 7 sacks full of sand. There is only one sack that will be the correct weight. Each sack will be color-coded in reference to our film blocks for this year.

If there are several correct answers, then we will randomly select 3 winners with the correct answer. All festival attendees can participate and have the chance in winning the following prizes:

1st - Popcorn machine (Provided by Teknikmagasinet)

2nd - One 2022 Full Pass

3rd - Cinemateket 12-month membership card.

Winners will be announced at the festival's award ceremony and or be contacted.

Clue Hunt - "How The Clues Spread"

This will take place over the course of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Each day there will be a set of clues that you must crack and follow. The first, second, and third to crack the final code on Saturday win a prize:

1st - 2022 Full pass

2nd - Two day passes

3rd - Cinemateket 12-month membership card.

2021 Award Ceremony

We will be hosting the 2021 award ceremony on Saturday 28th in the "Tancred" theatre. Where we will be handing out prizes to randomly selected guests along with announcing and presenting all the winners for this year's edition. 

2021 Physical

Trophy Winner

Best short film, Best Feature Film, Best Horror Short, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy

The winners shall receive a physical Ravenheart Trophy & a Ravenheart 2021 Winner Certificate.

Best Feature, Best Short, and Festival Director's Choice winners will also win a prize package that includes one (1) InkTip script listing where the filmmakers can promote themselves and their scripts to InkTip's large network of producers and reps.


Certificate Winner

The winner shall receive a Ravenheart 2021 Winner Certificate.